Promoting free ads


In order to improve user experience and Ads Quality, We started new technique in which ad promoting depends on Ad Qaulity Factor or AQF.

In simple words; There are some rules you need to follow while posting your free ad to be able to improve evaluation score of your posted ad, the higher score your ad has the heigher rank your ad will be while displaying promoted ads in each page users visit

What is AQF

AQF stands for Ad Quality Factor which is a live indication of your ad quality that provides you with quality score number (from 0 to 100).

Ads with higher scores are ranked according to their AQF and handled as promoted ads

Why is it Important?

AQF is important for more than one reason:
- it acts like an indicator for your ad quality.
- it determines whether your ad details are sufficient or not.
- your ad will be ranked according to it's AQF score.
- for Ads with high AQF scores, these ads will be globally displayed as promoted ads at the top of the main page - according to users' interests - and also at the top of category pages they belong to.

Is it Available for All Ads?

Yes, it is available for all ads in all Categories for Registered users Only.

How does it work?

the dominant rule is "the more details you provide the more score you get".
When you start to select ad category and subcategory; each information you provide will be sent synchronously to server in order to evaluate your ad.
the evaluation technique differes from one category to another.
the returning AQF value will be displayed in the "AQF box" placed in "Posting Ad" section.

Is AQF the only Parameter for promotion?

Well, in order to avoid fraud details in posted ads there is another paramter called "AQC" determined by adsfreezone technical team .
this parameter with AQF value determine the total quality score for your ad.
according to this total quality score all ads will be ranked in a specific table for displaying as "promoted ads".

How long should i wait for AQF evaluation?

The AQF value will not be updated if there is no change in information.
when you add more details or modify any field in the posting form, the page will automatically request an update for AQF value within 10 seconds.

Any recommendation for high AQF value?

to understand how the algorithm works let's take some examples:
-field efficiency : if your ad title has a length out of the range 20-60 characters, you will get less score.On the contrary, the more details you provide in description field the more score you get.
-reachability: if you check "hide my phone" in "Advertiser Information" section you will get less score than leaving it unchecked.
-visual description: for some categories like vehicles and electronics it is very important to provide your ad with well descriptive images, the more images you provide the more score you get.
-pricing: defining a specific price is better than contacting seller or setting a price range for your ad AQF and so on ..